Study in China
The number of international students heading to study in China is on a rapid rise as the country has been heavily investing in education over the last few years. They have also forged numerous partnerships with well-renowned and reputed universities of the UK and U.S. Further, tuition fees are affordable and the cost of living is significantly lower as compared to many countries worldwide. This has enabled China to reflect itself as a major study-hub, facilitating the inflow of a large number of international students, approximately 608,400 as per 2017 census majoring in a range of subjects from Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, International Business, MBA to Chinese language, Calligraphy, and Martial Arts.
Study in Dubai
The pulsating and vibrant city of Dubai, known for its desserts and architectural beauty, has emerged as an education hub off late and offers lucrative career opportunities. It is one of the most sought after destinations for higher studies with a blend of cultures in one location. Apart from the glamour and glitz of the city, it has the foundation of academic excellence along with reputed institutes. It is a very safe and modern country and offers a range of programs to international students. The country is one of the fastest economies in the world and offers excellent job opportunities.
Hong Kong
Study in Hong Kong
From time immemorial Hong Kong served as a center of international trade and today, it is emerging as a significant, cost-effective, study abroad destination for international students. Thanks to its world-renowned leading institutions backed by world-class research, and state of the art infrastructure. English is the medium of instruction in a majority of the educational courses here. The students have multiple options and a wide range of specializations to choose from in the fields of Arts, Science, Education, Law, Media/Journalism and Business Administration, for undergraduate as well as post-graduate programs.